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Temperature Controlled & Produce Shipping Broker

When temperature is a crucial aspect to a successful shipment, Next Exit Logistics promises to keep freight safely stored in the correct climate. Whatever your sensitive shipping needs, you can rely on us to dedicate our full attention to delivering your temperature controlled shipment safely to its destination.

We ensure the carriers use climate controlled and dehumidified transport vehicles that are routinely certified for climatic accuracy. Data is recorded every few minutes to ensure the trailer maintains a consistent humidity and temperature regardless of outside conditions. The driver can monitor the trailer’s temperature throughout the ride, and clients can review the data for reassurance that their refrigerated freight was handled with care.

temperature controlled and produce transportation

Need to ship pounds of pumpkins?

In 2010, we arranged the shipment of nearly 5 million pounds of them, and we continue to help ship millions more every year. Next Exit Logistics manages all kinds of farmer to wholesaler shipments, including pumpkins, potatoes, broccoli, onions, oranges, watermelons, and a wide range of other fruits and vegetables. We also coordinate the transportation of Christmas trees so they arrive fresh and vibrant for the holiday season.

Our dedicated staff knows how to manage each produce shipment so it arrives fresh and healthy. Our produce transportation service is timely and efficient, and we handle every palette of sensitive produce with care.

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