5th Wheel Transportation Services

Fifth wheel trailers are used to transport all kinds of heavy equipment, such as construction vehicles, safes, factory equipment, and so forth. Choosing the right trailer type for your hauling requirements is only part of the battle, of course. You need to manage the logistics of your haul from pickup, loading, and routing through to delivery at your final destination. Our highly qualified staff can assist you throughout every phase of 5th wheel hauling.

Fifth Wheel Transportation Services

Fifth wheel flatbeds and trailers make use of a specialized hitch—called a fifth wheel—which allows the trailer to pivot in a controlled and predictable manner. This makes fifth wheel transport services ideal for hauling large pieces of equipment and other heavy loads long distances since the whole setup turns more easily around corners. They are incredibly stable, and as such are often preferred for transporting equipment that would usually have a higher risk of tipping.

Fifth wheel trailers take a variety of configurations, depending on the exact application. Types of fifth wheel trailers include:

  • Tank trailers
  • Flatbeds
  • Lowboy trailers
  • Step Decks
  • Refrigeration trailers

Planning fifth wheel transportation requires a great deal of finesse and familiarity with the equipment as well as the routing and logistical requirements of your haul. With dedicated personnel, time-tested processes, and up-to-the-minute technology at our disposal, we’re able to handle the logistics of your fifth wheel hauling needs, regardless of the equipment or loads involved. We often use fifth wheel equipment to take on heavy haul shipping with timely and agile freight management services.

In the event that a fifth wheel trailer isn’t appropriate, we’ll select the best solution for your situation. We specialize in the impossible, so no logistical demand is too complex for us to handle, and you can always rely on the superior level of service we provide to all of our clients.

Do You Need Fifth Wheel Hauling?

What are the best applications for fifth wheel transport services? Fifth wheel hauling can move all manner of equipment, including cranes, tractors, and even military vehicles. At Next Exit Logistics, we can help you accomplish the following:

And much more! Fifth wheels are known for their reliability and versatility, which means they can be used in a wide range of applications on various scales. Of course, it depends on the dimensions of your cargo and its weight. Consult with us to determine the best shipping solution for your needs, and we’ll advise you on the right tools, equipment, and procedures to use for your situation. We can then follow through with tightly coordinated shipping to any destination. Get in touch to take advantage of our superior .

5th Wheel Hauling from a Reliable Transportation Broker

To get your freight delivered successfully to your desired destination with minimal risk or delays, you need to have a well coordinated process. That includes choosing the right fifth wheel hauler, the right restraining devices (binders, chains, straps, etc.), the best routes to reach your destination, and so forth. Specific permits may also be required in order to make sure your load is delivered successfully.

Next Exit Logistics is certified by multiple agencies and organizations, and we’re widely trusted to handle the most challenging fifth wheel hauling demands. As a devoted transportation broker, we have successfully carried out the shipment of numerous unusual and bulky loads, and we know what it takes to handle your shipment successfully. In fact, our processes are specifically designed to account for circumstances that fall well outside the ordinary, so there’s no one better to plan your shipment than Next Exit!

Plan Your Shipment with Next Exit Logistics

If you’re in need of a fifth wheel transportation service that will get your shipment to its destination as reliably and punctually as possible, contact Next Exit Logistics. Our qualifications include various designations, including certification as a SmartWay Transport Partner, Department of Defense Approved Carrier, and SBA HUBZone contractor, among many others.

We’ve worked with many industries hauling heavy, fragile, valuable, or flat out unusual items, all with a careful eye for detail and highly responsive service. To benefit from our fifth wheel hauling services, get in touch to get your shipment started.

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