Truck Driver Resources

There are millions of truck drivers out there and the trucking industry is continuing to grow. We’ve compiled a list of resources for truckers (and future truckers) to make life a little bit easier.


Glostone Trucking Solutions – An informative website that provides detail on licensing, safety, fuel tax reporting, and training. Active in the industry since 1996.

Overdrive Online – Great resource for trucking news, jobs, and industry information.

Land Line Magazine – This magazine aims to keep drivers and operators updated on legislation, industry activities and trends.

Fleet Owner – Written for executives and managers, providing information on operations, vehicle maintenance and industry regulations.

Today’s Trucking – Very resourceful information regarding trucking news, products, fleet operations, industry stats, and trucking life.

Truckers Report – This is a great resource for people who are looking to learn more about the trucking industry, especially for those who want to become a trucker.

The Healthy Trucker – The name says it all. Learn how to live a healthier life as a trucker.

Forums & Communities

Truckers Report Forum – A great trucking forum for both truckers and non-truckers. Very active community with lots of topics.

Truckers Forum – Another good forum with an active community.

Trucking Boards – Good forum community. There is an entire forum section dedicated to rants and reviews of some of the biggest LTL Carriers.

Heavy Equipment Forums – Great forum dedicated to heavy equipment. You’ll find several threads on construction equipment, earthmoving equipment, pavement equipment, etc.

Trucking Lingo

Wiki of trucking lingo – This Wikipedia page has a full list of all the trucking lingo, terms, and codes that truckers often share with each other.


American Trucking Associations (ATA) – The American Trucking Association is dedicated to promote highway safety, security, environmental sustainability and profitability.

Used Truck Association (UTA) – The Used Trucking Association is committed to improving and strengthening the used truck industry.

Owner-Operator Independent Drivers Association (OOIDA) – The OOIDA represents professional truckers and fights for their best interests in new and powerful ways.

Women in Trucking Association – Women in Trucking is an organization that focuses on supporting women in the trucking industry.

Road Conditions

Beat the Traffic – If you are wondering if there will be traffic on your trip, check out this site.

National Weather Conditions – This site gives you a map of the USA and lets you know of any severe weather conditions.

Weekly Diesel Fuel Updates – Wondering what diesel prices are throughout the nation? Find out here.

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