Shipping Services

Next Exit Logistics is a professional transportation broker specializing in the shipments of heavy equipment. Click any of the following links to learn about our capabilities.

Heavy Haul Trucking

Next Exit Logistics is an experienced heavy haul trucking broker capable of getting the most difficult specialized heavy hauls completed without a glitch.

Jet Engine Transportation

Whether the shipment is local, regional, or transcontinental, Next Exit Logistics can arrange the transport of your jet or aircraft engine without a problem.

Same Day Shipping

Next Exit Logistics can facilitate same and next day shipping for most of your freight transport needs. Contact us today for immediate service.

Aircraft Transportation

Next Exit Logistics is an experienced broker that’s helped shipped helicopters, aircrafts and aerial drones. Some aircrafts include Chinook helicopters, Navy helicopters and more.

Turbine & Propulsion Shaft Transportation

We have the resources to broker the transport your hydropower turbine, propulsion shafts, propellers and oversize generators with care.

Construction Equipment

Next Exit Logistics helps deliver your most valued commercial investment without a glitch, including construction equipment shipping and machinery moving.

Crane Shipping

If you have a construction crane you need moved from one spot to another, Next Exit Logistics will arrange to move it for you.

Oversize Loads

Next Exit Logistics specializes in oversize loads. Our seasoned team has the knowledge and expertise to ensure your shipment arrives safe and sound.

Military Vehicles

Because late is not an option. Our brokers have years of experience shipping the most sensitive and unwieldy military vehicles and equipment.

Container Shipping

We’re here when you need it done fast. At Next Exit Logistics, we’re equipped to broker a shipment with any size container. See how we can help you today.

Hazmat Shipping

Next Exit Logistics is a heavy haul broker certified for shipping hazardous materials. Learn how we can help you ship your hazmat materials.

Auto Transportation

Next Exit Logistics is are a proud broker offering arrangement of auto transport solutions where we have demonstrated proven, repeatable success in delivering a vehicle.

Disaster Relief Logistics

Next Exit Logistics can coordinate the quick and safe shipment of vital disaster relief equipment such as tractors, light towers, generators and more to stricken areas.

Telephone Pole and Pilings Transport

Next Exit Logistics makes the process of pole removal and transport as easy as possible for you.

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