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We are proud to offer arrangement of auto transport solutions where we have demonstrated proven, repeatable success in not only delivering a vehicle, but also client satisfaction, confidence, and loyalty.

We’ll arrange transportation for every point in your vehicle’s voyage and remove all headaches normally associated with heavy freight.

Next Exit Logistics guarantees:

  • Timely domestic transports
  • Safe return of auction purchases
  • Prompt dealer trades
  • Loyal clients for life
  • Specialized transport of exotics and antiques
  • Secure international shipments by air and ocean freight

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Next Exit Logistics is proud of the success of becoming one of the premier heavy equipment freight brokers and transportation management companies in the country. We will give you the best possible customer support to make sure your vehicle(s) is transported efficiently. We ship common and rare cars alike.

If you own a low racing car or a more delicate antique make, we can arrange auto transportation that minimizes the risk of damage and ensures a secure loading and unloading process. Of course, make sure to report any leaking fluids before you hand your vehicle over to avoid potential safety hazards.
Here are a few guidelines to follow when it comes to vehicle delivery and pickup:

  • When driver arrives to pick up the vehicle make sure someone is present that can inspect it with him.  Both parties must agree to any scratches, paint chips, dings, dents or wheel/tire imperfections prior to signing the BOL.
  • If any books, navigation disc or extra keys are provided please insure that has been notated on the inspection sheet.
  • When the driver delivers the vehicle make sure someone is present that can inspect the vehicle with the driver. You should request the original inspection from the driver to compare with the present condition of the vehicle.
  • If it is too dark to do a good inspection please advise the driver to reschedule the delivery.
  • If the vehicle is extremely dirty, be sure to mark that on the BOL in case damage exists that is not visible until the vehicle is clean.
  • Do not sign the BOL until you’ve done a thorough inspection.
  • If you notice damage you must notate it on the BOL and also point it out to the driver.
  • If damage is not notated on the BOL, insurance will not pay for any repairs.
  • The driver is required to leave a legible copy of the BOL after it has been signed by him and yourself.


  • Rock chips to paint or windshield are not covered under carrier’s insurance.  You may call your own agent and request that they insure your vehicle against “Acts of God” while it is in transit.
  • Inoperable vehicles – customer is liable for any loose parts or leakage from their vehicle that damages another vehicle on the truck.
  • Top Load highly recommended for convertible vehicles.
  • Enclosed shipping is highly recommended for low profile, classic and highline vehicles.

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