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If You Have a Crane to Ship, We’re Your Go-To!

It can be huge. It can be unwieldy (to say the least) but if you have a construction crane you need moved from one spot to another, Next Exit Logistics will arrange to move it for you.

We’ve found that most cranes are needed for high-rise construction projects. These common types of projects are pretty much stuck after groundbreaking – or even before – if there’s no crane on the job site.

We understand intimately how important it is to ship a crane as quickly and efficiently as possible. The quicker the crane hauling, the faster the project gets underway, proceeds and finishes, resulting in considerable savings on the entire project’s cost.

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Next Exit Logistics will coordinate the crane transport and the transport of other heavy construction equipment, no matter how small, no matter how massive. We live to get things from one place to another as quickly and efficiently as possible and in the same shape at its destination as it was in at pick-up. Our distribution, logistics and shipping expertise lets you concentrate on your construction project, not the hauling of a crane.

Crane Transport, We Take Care of it All.

This includes finding the trucks capable of crane hauling, permits, routing, and escorts. Making sure the carrier we use for shipment has all the tarps, binders, and other supplies ready.

Next Exit Logistics has the large-object shipping and heavy equipment expertise perfected by years of experience in heavy-haul trucking, shipping cranes, shipping material for the military, and more. We have a transcontinental reputation as a top-notch freight management firm. We’ve proven ourselves time and time again with our exceptional safety and on-time records to ensure your crane is ready on time, and ready to begin work on your construction project.


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