About Next Exit Logistics

We Make Complex Shipping Easy.

Next Exit Logistics is a freight broker and management business specializing in heavy hauls and complex logistics.

We provide flexibility and quality customer service so you know what to expect and can feel confident we will deliver on our promises. We are here for you at all hours, year after year, and we care about quality of service.

What We Offer

We offer wholesalers headache-free shipping and friendly partnership, and we give our truckers and carriers the right kinds of loads and prompt payment. Maintaining successful long term relationships with both clients and drivers is part of what differentiates us from other transport companies.

The bottom line: We keep promises and deliver superior service from your first phone call to the final unload. Our commitment to being a balanced, competitive, responsive logistics and freight management company makes us a premier name in the transport services industry.

Next Exit Dallas office

Who We Are

Headquartered in Dallas, we solve intricate problems every day to make sure your freight is delivered with precision and efficiency.

We can manage and ship any freight. Over the years, our company has specialized in the difficult, unique, unusual & impossible heavy haul shipments. We have coordinated the shipment of nearly 5 million pounds of pumpkins, rocket launchers, aerial drones, crawler cranes, tanks, bulldozers, and fabricated metals for commercial use and for the CIA. Our happiest customers have reported that we save them time and frustration.

Our Core Values

Energized Excellence - We believe in infusing every moment with fun. We embrace authenticity and find joy in being productive and passionate about our work.

Proactive Communication - Embracing a proactive and consistent communication approach, we stay steps ahead of the game, ensuring transparent and timely interactions with everyone. By keeping everyone informed, we foster trust, enable collaboration, and empower our stakeholders to thrive together.

Solution Driven - With a solution-driven approach and meticulous upfront planning, we tackle challenges head-on, finding creative resolutions to deliver outstanding results for our customers.

Precise Execution - Precise execution in customer service means flawlessly adapting to each customer's unique needs, delivering tailored solutions with meticulous attention to detail and utmost care.

Chandler Magann

Chandler Magann has been the President of Next Exit Logistics for 10+ years. Chandler has positioned Next Exit Logistics as subject matter experts in Aerospace, Energy, Communications, Heavy Construction, Heavy Manufacturing and Defense. He has been featured in Inbound Logistics, Transport Topics, Overdrive, and IT Magazine - Truckstop.com.

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