Transportation Services for Water Turbines & Propulsion Shafts

Turbine Shaft Shipping with Precision and Care

Next Exit Logistics is a freight broker that follows strict guidelines to ensure your turbine shafts are shipped safely. The MIL-DTL-2845E specification is required by the Department of Defense to transport a shaft. Specific specs include: strap or cable tie downs will be padded and located in the sling points when placed across the shaft, and at any point on the skid base; shafts will be covered with a heavy duty tarp during transportation; and the shaft and skid base will be braced and blocked to prevent movement in any direction. Our carriers follow all of the requirements and take it seriously.

Benefits List

✅ Precision Handling
✅ Safe Transportation
✅ Compliance Assurance

Heavy Hauling

Freight Broker Managing the Shipments of Water Turbines

A water turbine utilizes moving water to attain energy. There are several types of turbines used in the hydro industry: the Francis, the Kaplan, and the Pelton Turbine. Each is unique in its own way. Although each turbine uses different shafts and propellers, Next Exit Logistics has the resources to transport the turbine.

We also provide transportation services for oversize generator transportation. Shipping oversized generators requires a lot of attention, and we will work with you and our carriers to go above and beyond so your shipment arrives safe and secure.

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