Crane Shipping and Transportation

It Can Be Huge. It Can be Unwieldy (To Say the Least). But if You Have a Crane to Ship, We’re You’re Go-To!

If you have a construction crane you need moved from one spot to another, Next Exit Logistics will arrange to move it for you.

We’ve found that most cranes are needed for high-rise construction projects. These types of projects are pretty much stuck after groundbreaking – or even before – if there’s no construction crane on site.

We understand intimately how important it is to ship a crane as quickly and efficiently as possible. The more quickly the crane arrives, the faster the project gets underway, proceeds and finishes, resulting in considerable savings on the entire project’s cost.

Next Exit handles all the logistics of moving a construction crane, from permits, routing, and escorts. We work with experienced carriers, but check that all tarps, binders, and other supplies are ready.

How we shipped a 100-ton Manitowoc Crane

We took on the arduous task of shipping a 100-ton Manitowoc crane during ice storm Kronos in Houston, Texas. Our goal was to safely load the crane and ship it to Virginia. Although it was our biggest shipment, we were determined to get it right despite the weather conditions we faced.

We were hired because our team was able to procure the transport faster than the dealer. And fortunately for us, the crane was new and was already disassembled for transport. So how do you ship a crane? Not in one piece. Our best option was to ship the crane using 5 trucks. If you watch the video, you’ll mainly see the loading process of the crane. Our crew worked together and successfully loaded each piece safe and secure.

Our heavy haul truck drivers were then tasked with driving from Houston to Virginia. Conditions were less than ideal, but they reached their destination on time without any hiccups. It was a successful shipment!

Heavy Haul Shipment Statistics

  • Manitowoc Crane – 209,940 lbs
  • 5 day lead time
  • 5 separate trucks
  • 2 winter storms – Kronos and Leon
  • Shipped on time and on budget
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