Trucking Logistics

There are many shipping, logistics, trucking, and freight companies to choose from, but we differentiate ourselves with a customized shipping methodology that comes from years of experience with innovative technology, personalized service, and creative solutions tailored for each individual shipment. Our seasoned background as a freight management and transport company is backed by our safety and on time track records for moving freight quickly and efficiently. We are certified to ship hazardous materials and we have the capability to transport heavy and unusual shipments.

The truck transport industry is constantly changing, and Next Exit is successfully evolving with it. We are equipped to handle the most complex logistics and coordinate freight movement between plants, ports, warehouses, or any other destination.

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Full Service and Third Party (3PL) Logistics

How much of your workforce is tied up in packaging, warehousing, and inventory management? Many companies find themselves overwhelmed with the logistics of running a company reliant on delivering goods to customers. You need a full-service logistics company, like Next Exit Logistics, to handle all of your freight logistics trucking requirements in one simple to use package.

A 3PL logistics company handles the heavy lifting for your transportation, packaging and inventory management needs. Free up your team to focus on growth.

Other Advantages of 3PL Logistics Include:

  • Save time with customized solutions so that you can focus on the business at hand.
  • A 3PL specialist provides scalability, flexibility, and ongoing industry experience.
  • Continuous optimization ensures your project logistics adjust and improve on the fly.

Logistic Services

The logistics industry is continuously evolving to meet the ever-growing demands of modern business owners like yourself. From obtaining, producing, and distributing materials to managing procedures and implementing planning methodology for a smooth-running business, logistics trucking services can help.

When selecting a 3pl service provider, look for one with a proven track record, excellent industry references, detailed reports throughout the process, scalability, and financial stability. You do not want your logistics trucking company to flounder. Next Exit Logistics never will!

For top 3pl logistics solutions, contact Next Exit Logistics today!

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Expedited/Critical Shipping

Next Exit Logistics can facilitate same and next day shipping for most of your freight transport needs. Contact us today for immediate service.

White Glove

White Glove logistics and shipping services are all about going above and beyond standard requirements. And we do just that at Next Exit Logistics.

Machinery load on truck
Firefighter truck transport

Disaster Relief Logistics

Next Exit Logistics can coordinate the quick and safe shipment of vital disaster relief equipment such as tractors, light towers, generators and more to stricken areas.

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