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Power-only Trucking Services

Often, trucks and trailers come together, but that’s not always the case. It’s sometimes better to hire a driver and truck separately from the trailer. These services are called “power-only” since you’re only hiring the power—or truck and driver—for the load you need hauled. Typically, you’ll get a trailer loaded, and then a driver will come by, hook it up to their truck, and haul your load to its destination.

This type of hauling is highly versatile since it allows for a great deal of flexibility when planning the logistics of your shipment. Trailers can be loaded in advance, passed on to other drivers along the route, and meet complex routing and handling requirements. Power-only carriers can haul a wide variety of loads and trailer types, including:

  • Flatbeds
  • Temperature controlled trailers
  • Shipping containers
  • Tank trailers
  • Lowboy trailers

These services are ideal when you have a trailer already loaded, use your own pool of trailers, or else need to lease the trailer separately from the driver.

Do You Need a Power-only Carrier?

What are the best applications for power-only trucking services? Many of the jobs our company brokers fall into two categories. One is a customized trailer designed for experiences and branding/marketing purposes. Often, these trailers are shipped to trade shows, conferences and other events.

A second category is high value cargo, where the freight requires a customized trailer for safe transport. Next Exit Logistics has shipped 101,000 lb ballast canisters for the military, to torpedos for the U.S. Navy to weapons and communication systems.

Power-only transport is especially useful since you don’t need to keep a full staff of drivers on your payroll. Instead, you pay for drivers as needed, allowing for brokers to handle the logistics of getting your shipments where they need to go.

If you don’t have your own trailer pool, leasing a trailer separately from the driver can have its own advantages. For instance, if you’re uncertain of where a load should go but need to get it out of your facility as soon as possible, having someone drop off a trailer at your location for loading to be hauled away later by a power-only driver can help you navigate the situation with minimal hassle.

Power-only trucking can also be used to correct imbalances in your shipping network, adjust volume for seasonal changes, or take on short-notice shipping requirements. At Next Exit Logistics, we can help you determine whether power-only services are appropriate for your application and help you coordinate the logistics for your shipment. Get in touch to take advantage of our reliable shipping services.

Power-only Trucking with a Reliable Transportation Broker

To get your freight delivered successfully to your desired destination with minimal risk or delays, you need to have a well coordinated process. That includes choosing the right power-only drivers, the best routes to reach your destination, and so forth. Specific permits may also be required in order to make sure your load is delivered successfully.

Plan Your Shipment with Next Exit Logistics

Often, all you need is a driver rather than an entire trailer. Whether you have your own pool of trailers or simply need the flexibility offered by enlisting drivers separately from trailers, Next Exit Logistics can help you meet your heavy haul shipment requirements with power-only trucking. Power-only services are flexible, versatile, and often necessary to optimize shipments for efficiency.

We’ve worked with many industries hauling heavy, fragile, valuable, or flat out unusual items, all with a careful eye for detail and highly responsive service. To benefit from our power-only trucking services, get in touch to get your shipment started.

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