RGN Trailer Logistics and Shipping

Oversized or especially heavy equipment often presents a logistical challenge when it comes to transportation. Tractors, construction equipment, cranes, or other heavy machinery often aren’t rated for highway travel, and conventional flatbed trailers are ill suited to hauling them, particularly in terms of loading and unloading. This is the reason many freight companies make use of removable gooseneck (RGN) trailers for bulky mobile equipment. RGN freight is the cargo that is best suited for RGN trailers and trucking companies.

RGN trailers are ideal for oversized equipment. At Next Exit Logistics, we enlist carriers with RGN trailers that are perfectly adapted for your heavy haul shipment needs, whether you’re moving construction equipment from one site to another, relocating mobile machinery to a new place of operations, or even transporting massive military vehicles.

About Removable Gooseneck Trailers (RGNs)

Removable gooseneck—or RGN—trailers are built to carry large and heavy loads, particularly mobile equipment like tractors, trucks, tanks, etc. They function much like traditional double drop trailers, except that the gooseneck hitch in the front is detachable, allowing the entire trailer bed to function as a ramp, allowing mobile equipment to simply be driven on board.

The removable gooseneck hitch allows RGN trailers to be highly versatile in terms of the equipment they can haul, and they can save time and resources that would normally be needed to load heavy machinery from the back. The exact load to be transported will impact the sort of RGN trailer used, with different trailers being built for different loads.

If the load is especially large, a stretch RGN trailer may be needed. Stretch RGNs function like normal removable gooseneck trailers, except that they can be extended if needed to accommodate larger, bulkier loads.

The low trailer bed is ideal for bulky loads as well. Taller loads are easier to accommodate with an RGN trailer than with a regular flatbed, potentially avoiding the need for certain permits. The lower center of gravity also improves overall stability, making them ideal for heavy haul applications.

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RGN Trailer Applications

RGN trailers are highly versatile, making them ideal for a wide range of heavy haul, partial load, and full load applications. The trailers we use at Next Exit Logistics are especially well adapted for drivable equipment, including vehicles that would be too heavy or bulky to carry with conventional flatbeds or lowboys. We can haul:

Put simply, if you can drive it, a removable gooseneck trailer is often the best solution. Many of these vehicles aren’t rated for highway driving, so RGN transport is an effective way to get them to your destination.

Schedule RGN Trucking Logistics Services

Next Exit Logistics makes use of a wide variety of carriers and trailers for hauling freight, and that includes carriers with RGN trucking capabilities. We also handle all the permits, routing, and scheduling involved in the process. Since we specialize in the impossible, we can help you manage your haul successfully by choosing the right equipment, routes, and methodologies for your situation.

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High Value Shipping FAQs

A lowboy trailer is built to be loaded from the rear, and it’s not capable of being lowered to act as a ramp. RGN trailers, however, can be dropped and loaded from the front once the gooseneck attachment is removed.

RGNs are a type of double drop trailer in which the gooseneck attachment is detachable for easier loading. RGNs and conventional double drops both have the benefit of being low to the ground, allowing them to transport taller loads.

It depends on the specific model in question, but some RGNs can handle loads over 150,000 pounds!

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