White Glove and Cross Dock Logistics

When it comes to sensitive deliveries for your company, not just any logistics service will suffice. Sometimes, deliveries require a little extra effort. For that, Next Exit Logistics proudly offers white glove logistics.

White glove service is more than placing your shipment on a loading dock and awaiting a freight truck to haul your goods cross-country or to the next township. White glove logistics means going one step further for your products. Included are highly trained staff, alongside trucks, crane services, forklift service, pallet jacks, and skilled loading/unloading labor.

At Next Exit Logistics, white glove delivery is truly the full service logistics service that companies like you want to take full advantage of today!

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Specialized White Glove Delivery With White Glove Logistics

Here at Next Exit Logistics, we have a dedicated white glove delivery team to manage your sensitive deliveries from the get-go. We offer:

  • Scheduled and custom delivery timing.
  • Multi-person delivery arrangements, as required.
  • Quality control to ensure total satisfaction.
  • Corrective actions and analysis to ensure compliance.
  • We handle all the heavy lifting for you!

Speaking of heavy lifting, our high-end white glove logistics utilize industry-leading equipment and technology to safeguard your products and load/unload each delivery without fail. To that end, we rely on carefully-maintained forklifts, with a highly trained technician behind the wheel, to manage each load.

Planned White Glove Logistics

From the very first mile, we want you to know that your precious cargo is in the correct hands with Next Exit Logistics.

That is why, to the fullest extent of our abilities, we offer planned white glove logistics to minimize damage and manage liability from the get-go.

Our high-end logistics services utilize every piece of technology and equipment necessary to the job. We utilize forklift services, crane services, cargo staff, and more to get the job done right to ensure total growth and profitability for your business.

Specialized White Glove Flatbed

From vast experience in the white glove logistics industry, we know precisely what clients like you want from a delivery service offering 3PL logistics solutions.

Thanks to many projects over the years, Next Exit Logistics is capable of thinking ahead, of measuring twice to solve logistics woes that plague your company and your supply routes. Using advanced communication, competence, and high level of training for each member of our staff, your account and, thusly, your business, is safeguarded against delays, miscommunication, and unfortunate damages.

Here’s a little bit more on how we specialize in white glove service and how it helps you:

  • We do not price a project unless we are absolutely certain we can tackle the load for you.
  • We have carefully placed resources nationwide to help deliver your precious cargo on time and without a hitch.
  • We handle all emergency shipment solutions at a moment’s notice!
Manual lift
Water pump box

Careful Delivery with White Glove Logistics

When you approach Next Exit Logistics to schedule white glove delivery service, we take the time to research the products we’re transporting and draw key comparisons and differences from previous shipments of a similar nature.

During the entire process, if anything appears off or goes wrong, we alert our clients prior to moving forward with their shipment. This early notice system allows us to make swift changes on the fly.

In the past, we’ve come across incorrect dimensions or unknown weights, and these factors are quite important when transporting goods any distance.

If necessary, we can arrange a crane and/or certified scales to weigh product to the closest pound before international shipping, national shipping, or for training purposes.

Peace of Mind with White Glove Logistics

When you ship a product of a valuable nature — sensitive materials or machinery — you want to know everything is going the right way. When we handle your logistics, you can count on up-to-date GPS tracking to keep you in the loop.

All the while, we identify issues or delays prior to them causing an impact on your delivery, then we course correct to ensure on-time shipments every time!

For more information on our white glove logistics, as well as how we can help you move sensitive products the right way, contact Next Exit Logistics today!

White Glove Logistics FAQ

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