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Built to be handled by rail, truck, or boat, shipping containers are a highly versatile way to haul items long distances. However, they need to be handled in a safe and secure manner in order to prevent damage or loss. Best practices, reliable equipment, and agile processes are necessary in order to make sure your shipping containers get to their intended destination. Next Exit Logistics offers a wide range of shipping options that can help you get your cargo to its final destination in a timely manner.

At Next Exit Logistics, we’re equipped to coordinate the transport of any size container from 20’, 40’, 48’, and 53’. We further handle the complex logistics involving the transportation of 118,000 lb. container handlers that stack these commercial containers.

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Hauling a Shipping Container

Shipping containers come in a wide range of styles and configurations. Most containers are built for heavy non-perishable cargo, but tanks and refrigerated units may be necessary for fluids or perishable goods. It’s integral to choose the right containers for your cargo as well as the most optimal shipping methods to get it to its destination.

One of the most common challenges with shipping a shipping container is the size. Most containers come in 20’ configurations, but 40’ containers are also common. The larger the container, the more space you’ll need on a trailer to haul it. Either partial or full load hauling may be needed, depending on the size of your container, its contents, and how many containers you intend to move. Next Exit Logistics can help you regardless of the size or weight of the container.

Shipping containers are versatile, allowing for a wide range of cargo, from household items and electronics to heavy equipment and machine parts. Containers can be easily stacked without causing damage to the cargo itself, though when it comes to shipping them by truck, that may not always be ideal since you run the risk of tipping. In addition, you may encounter issues with clearance under bridges/overpasses. Planning for these issues is key when you’re planning on hauling shipping containers by land.

Learn more about how our heavy haul logistics services can help you with your shipping containers.

Shipping Container Transportation Services

Whether you need to move a 20’ or 40’ container, Next Exit can help you determine the best shipment method and routing to transport your cargo. We make use of a wide range of trailers, including RGN trailers, and our agile processes enable us to select the most optimal route for your containers. This way, we make sure your load gets where it needs to as quickly and safely as possible.

The correct transport method is key, but so too are the methods for securing your load. While the container should protect your cargo from most forms of damage, you want to make sure the load doesn’t tip or slide while in transit. Making sure your containers are adequately secured to the truck is crucial. We can help you plan for that.

Finally, you need to route your cargo’s trip to its destination. There are many routes you can take, but not all of them will be ideal, especially if you have an oversized load. We can help you determine the best possible route for your shipping container while making sure all permits and paperwork are taken care of.

Hire a Capable Shipping Container Broker

A capable shipping container broker is vital to a successful shipment, whether you’re just heading to the next town over or clear across the nation. Next Exit Logistics takes care of the logistical challenges of moving heavy loads long distances, from contacting reliable haulers to securing all necessary permits. We are fully certified, and we specialize in the unusual, so we can help you with shipping containers of virtually any size or shape.

To get started arranging the transportation of your shipping containers, get in touch for a free quote.

Storage Container Shipping
Storage Container
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