5G Transportation and Infrastructure

The expansion of 5G networks promises to transform the way we communicate, but it requires infrastructure. Getting materials to sites to build or upgrade towers, maintain devices, and so forth can be a challenge—often, a simple flatbed isn’t sufficient.

Next Exit Logistics can handle the challenge of transporting 5G infrastructural components, equipment, and materials.

5 Benefits of Choosing Next Exit Logistics for Telecommunications Transport

  1. Improved client and industry partner relationships with the consistent quality of our delivery service.
  2. On-time and efficient deliveries to ensure your clients have a hassle-free experience.
  3. Trusted employees experienced in handling delicate 5G components and parts that you can rely on to protect and transport your goods seamlessly.
  4. Increased efficiency and cost-effective savings on deliveries to make each trip worthwhile.
  5. Reduced risk of damage or loss to products due to our expert training program for all our carriers.

Call Next Exit Logistics for a free quote on all our telecom transportation costs and options. Learn more about our 5G transport and get started with Next Exit Logistics today!

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Materials and Equipment Hauling

Contractors and subcontractors working on 5G infrastructure need materials and equipment transported to and from worksites, many of which may be in remote areas. Delivering materials such as antennas, fiber optics, and other telecom equipment can be logistically complex, which is where we come in.

Our connections with various hauling companies and a number of certifications make us highly qualified to handle any of your 5G transportation needs. We’re happy to take on the most challenging of shipping projects, whether you need heavy equipment delivered to remote work sites or old components hauled away.

We already have a great deal of experience in the telecommunications and construction sectors. On top of that, our track record marks us as a reliable source for managing the logistical aspect of getting your 5G equipment where it needs to go in a timely manner.

We Can Handle All Your 5G Transport Needs

At Next Exit Logistics, we aim to provide timely and cost-effective shipping solutions to our clients. We’re highly familiar with the transportation requirements of telecommunications equipment, and that familiarity allows us to match you with the right freight company and make routing arrangements accordingly. On top of that, we can take care of any needed manifests, permits, and escorts you may need.

To learn more about what we have to offer or to get a quote, contact us.

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