Oil and Gas Transportation & Logistics

The equipment used in the oil and gas industry is often large, bulky, and nearly impossible to transport from one location to another. Relocating natural gas and oil equipment—or even entire infrastructural components—may be hard to visualize, but it’s more than doable with Next Exit’s freight logistics services. Between our dedicated staff, connections with trusted carriers, and expertise in managing large and unusual shipments, Next Exit Logistics is your optimal resource for oil and gas freight.

Reliable Oil and Gas Logistics Services

Next Exit specializes in the relocation of oil and gas equipment of all types. We can help you haul your equipment wherever it needs to go, whether you’re starting a new facility, upgrading existing infrastructure, or simply reallocating assets. By partnering with reliable carriers and adhering to industry best practices, we not only plan the logistics of your hauling requirements, but do so with top-tier service and timely delivery.

In addition, every effort is made to comply with current regulations governing the oil and gas industry and freight logistics, and we partner with carriers who also take these requirements seriously.

How We Handle Oil and Gas Trucking

We manage the transportation of crude oil and all varieties of oil and gas equipment and infrastructure, from extraction to refinement and distribution:

  • Turbines and blowers
  • Valves, pipes, and pipe fittings
  • Boilers, furnaces, and heat exchangers
  • Rolling machinery
  • Derricks and draw works
  • Pumps
  • Wellheads
  • Oil rigs and workover rigs
  • Production trees

Customized Shipping for All Types of Equipment:

Each type of equipment has its own requirements for transportation, including load bearing requirements, truck bed styles, routing, etc. Regardless of the type of equipment you’re hauling, we have the resources needed to coordinate the safe and secure delivery of your load. Unique, difficult, or flat out impossible shipments are our specialty.

Benefits list:

✅ Safe and Secure Transport
✅ Improved Equipment Protection
✅ Reduced Risk of Damage
✅ Efficient Handling and Transport
✅ Faster Turnaround Times
✅ Flexibility to Accommodate Unique Needs

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