High-Value Transport and Security Logistics

High-value shipments represent a significant investment, so you or your company can’t afford to have them lost, damaged, or compromised in transit. As such, these items must be kept perfectly secure.

Next Exit Logistics offers unparalleled high-value transportation and security logistics services. We specialize in shipping the unusual, and that includes unusually valuable cargo and shipments requiring high levels of care and security.

Fully Insured High-Value Shipments

High-value shipments not only require the right equipment and safety measures, but they also demand adequate insurance. For example, standard insurance on most freight goes up to $100,000, which is insufficient for high security transportation. For this reason, we carry insurance worth $1-2 million to make sure your shipment is covered.

Contact Next Exit Logistics

If you need high security logistics for your shipment, contact Next Exit Logistics. We specialize in the impossible, so we can help you determine the best way to handle your next shipment.

High-Value Shipments and Security Logistics

We’ve handled numerous high value items throughout our years of service in the industry, including:

  • Natural gas equipment and machinery
  • Helicopters and other aircraft
  • Batteries
  • Electronics
  • Military equipment
  • Highly fragile materials
  • Large art installations

We make sure to utilize the appropriate shipping methods for all high value items and take all requisite measures to make sure they arrive perfectly intact. Along with our white glove logistics services, our partnerships with highly versatile carriers mean we’re well equipped for the task.

High Value Shipping FAQs

High-value vehicle shipments are defined as those that require insurance above the standard $100,000.

Valuable cargo might include heavy machinery, military equipment, aircraft, sensitive electronics, and certain fragile items.

Freight value is based on the size, weight/density, and general nature of the item being shipped. Contact us for more details.

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