Aircraft on Ground (AOG) Shipping

What is AOG?

AOG stands for Aircraft on Ground which is a term that can cause immediate panic for many in the airline industry. On-ground, meaning> that an airplane is indefinitely grounded. This aircraft on the ground is usually in need of repair or it could be out of commission for a longer period of time. It is extremely costly to have an aircraft out of commission. For instance, an airline with a grounded passenger plane incurs the cost of reimbursement to the passengers for their lost flight and nearby accommodation. In addition, they must also pay their airline employees and for the storage of the plane at the airport.

This is where Aircraft on Ground shipping becomes a priority. AOG logistics and shipping is critical for private and commercial carriers. Often a jet engine, part or entire aircraft must get from point A to point B as quickly as possible so companies look towards AOG shipping to do just that. This is necessary in order to minimize the continuously growing costs- which can be hundreds of thousands of dollars a day!

Impact Of Coronavirus On Airline Industry

It’s no surprise that the coronavirus outbreak has forced many people and businesses across the globe to cancel their travel plans. In fact, there were nearly 1 billion fewer global air passengers in the first six months of 2020. Similarly, air transport has dropped by as much as 90% in the same time period. With less air travel and trade, air cargo volumes have also dropped significantly and were almost 30% lower at one point. These significant decreases have led to an increased need for aircraft storage facilities because the number of private aircraft on ground and commercial aircraft on ground have drastically increased.

Many of the biggest aircraft storage operations are in locations such as California, New Mexico, and Arizona for a reason. First off, these facilities have low humidity which prevents corrosion on an aircraft and promotes longevity. Secondly, these facilities have more than enough space to accommodate any size private or commercial plane.

Why You Need A Transportation Partner in 2022

The costs of aircraft storage facilities can quickly add up. Aircraft storage facilities tend to charge a base rate for storing a plane. But the biggest expense is the cost of the aircraft services to keep the plane ready to return to the skies. This cost depends on what services are required but begins at about $2,000 per plane a month.

Air traffic is expected to make a slow and gradual recovery to the pre-pandemic levels of 2019 by 2024. In fact, many industry experts expect the airline industry to have a positive fourth quarter in 2021. So as the aviation and airline industry see more activity, airlines will look towards transportation partners to pull aircraft out of storage and back into hangers. A trusted transportation partner like Next Exit Logistics can help:

  • Lower costs by efficiently coordinating the movement of both private aircraft on ground and commercial aircraft on ground from point A to B.
  • Save time by arranging long term to short term transportation for you wherever that may be for you.
  • Deliver your shipment with care and superior service from a specialist in heavy equipment transport.

Don’t let the costs or stress of returning aircraft to hangers be more than what it needs to.

Why You Should Choose Next Exit Logistics

Whether you are having an emergency or planning for regularly scheduled AOG maintenance, Next Exit Logistics is ready to arrange transportation for your aircraft engine and parts with our AOG shipping services. Our carriers invest in the latest shipping technology and skillfully fit your equipment with protective pads and tarps to help protect your shipment from road hazards and extreme weather.

Our unique combination of certifications, services, and our contractors’ expertise in arranging optimal routes makes us one of America’s leading heavy equipment brokers and transportation management companies. So regardless if you need local, regional, or transcontinental aerospace transport, contact us to receive superior private aircraft on Ground and commercial aircraft on ground shipping services from your first phone call to the final unload of your aerospace equipment.


Aircraft are divided into various classifications. These classifications are broken down into type, category, and class. There are six types of aircraft:


  • Military aircraft, which are broken down by usage
  • Civil aircraft, which are divided between general aviation and air transport
  • Aircraft for racing
  • Helicopters and Autogyros
  • Experimental aircraft
  • Seaplanes

As with any product, the price to ship an aircraft depends on its size. A small passenger plane could ship for between $1,000 and $5,000. A larger, jet-propelled plane could cost up to and over $10,000. Cost depends on more than size, however. The factors that could affect how much an aircraft would be to ship include the length of wings and fuselage, airplane type, and how many shipments it would take to transport the pieces that need to be disassembled and reassembled. 

Like shipping costs, the length of time it takes to ship an aircraft depends on many factors. The type of craft, size of craft, method of transportation, and the number of shipments are necessary to determine an estimate for shipping an aircraft. Obviously, where the aircraft is being shipped to will affect how long it takes to reach its final destination. If it’s an international location, it will take longer to ship than domestic. Domestic shipping could take up to a week, and international shipping could take between two to four weeks.

As with shipping any valuable item, there are some risks involved. Some of these risks, however, can be mitigated with careful planning and attention to detail. For instance, human error is an issue when it comes to the delicate process necessary for shipping an aircraft. By using a trustworthy and experienced company, you can ensure these risks won’t come into play. Other risks, like sudden bad weather or turbulence, can also be an issue, but careful planning usually means shipping can take place during proper conditions.

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