Hazmat Shipping

Next Exit Logistics is certified for hazmat shipping. We take pride in our ability to transport materials to local, regional, and transcontinental areas. Our team of logistic experts will work with you to make sure your project goes off without a hitch. Hazardous shipping is something we take very seriously, and we would be glad to help you with your hazmat hauling needs.

We’re Here For Your Hazmat Shipping Needs

Next Exit Logistics follows government regulations and takes precautionary steps to ensure a safe shipping experience for all hazmat materials. We will give you the best possible customer support to make sure your hazardous materials are transported efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hazmat and Dangerous goods are similar but Hazardous goods are rated based on short and long term health effects while Dangerous goods are rated based on physical and chemical effects like fire, explosion and releasing poisonous material.

Hazmat carriers are licensed trucking and transportation companies that are legally allowed to deliver hazardous materials.

The Department of Transportation requires that trucking companies receive training and certification before moving any kind of hazmat materials.

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