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At Next Exit Logistics, we accomplish the most difficult heavy hauls without a glitch. Our years of experience in heavy haul trucking have earned us satisfied clients across the nation. Our logistics team will work with you and freight carriers to ensure your shipment arrives in a safe, secure and expedited manner. In fact, our impeccable safety and on time records have made us one of the top heavy haul brokers in the nation. And you don’t have to worry about a thing. We manage each movement so transit is seamless. Here are a few things we ensure:

  • Protected shipments – We make sure carriers use the necessary chains, binders, tarps and straps.
  • Permits, escorts, routing – Next Exit Logistics will manage all the details for your heavy haul needs.
  • Certifications – Next Exit Logistics has several government certifications and is trusted freight management company.

heavy haul trucking

Not sure what classifies as equipment for a heavy haul? It can range from excavators, bulldozers, cranes, rock trucks, tractors, and other heavy industrial objects. In order to properly gauge what needs to happen to ship your load, we need accurate dimensions and weight of the equipment. This will help determine the type of trailer needed for the shipment. We will also be able to tell if it needs special considerations (which we can work with!).

Our dedicated staff will work with you to create a timely and efficient plan for your heavy haul transport needs. Whether your heavy haul shipment is local or transcontinental, we have the means to get your equipment to its destination safely and on deadline. We are able to coordinate freight between warehouses, plants, ports, or any other destination with speed and precision.

Common trailers used for heavy hauling


As the name suggests the trailer is entirely flat. It allows carriers to quickly and easily load and deload equipment. Flatbed trailers are most often used for transporting heavy loads and equipment that are not delicate or vulnerable to precipitation (such as construction equipment). Flatbeds are quite common for exceptionally large and heavy shipments.

3 axle utility truck on flatbed trailer.

Step Deck / Drop Deck

A drop deck trailer (also referred to as a step deck) has a floor that drops down a level. This platform style trailer does not have sides, roofs or doors. The lower level allows carriers to haul taller loads than a regular flatbed.

Double Drop Deck / Lowboy

A Lowboy trailer (also referred to as a double drop deck) is another semi-trailer with two drops in deck height. One drops right after the gooseneck; the other drops right before the wheels. The double drop trailer allows the deck to be lower than a standard flatbed, which significantly improves the ability to haul heavier loads. Our carriers use lowboys for construction equipment, aircrafts, military vehicles, oversize loads and much more.

We are proud of the work we do and have worked hard to become one of the nation’s top heavy equipment brokers and transportation companies. Whether your heavy equipment shipment is local or transcontinental, we have the technology, human workforce, and logistics to get your freight to its destination according to your expectations.

Crash Truck loaded on 7 axle specialized trailer.

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