Rent a Truck and Drive Myself

Why Wouldn’t I Just Rent a Truck and Drive Myself?

While ignorance may be bliss, in transporting oversized or overweight cargo, what you do not know can and will cost you more than you realize in time, dollars, frustration, and damage, and very possibly life and limb.  Transporting very large objects is like moving houses, just on a very big scale. Next Exit is an expert in the heavy hauling industry. We are specialists in transporting overweight and oversize cargoes, and the associated safety practices and procedures, legal requirements, and project management.

To paraphrase a popular insurance TV ad, we know more than a thing or two, because we specialize in arranging the logistics of transporting the unique, unusual, and impossible. Heavy haul is not a DIY project, and here’s why:


Because oversize and overweight shipments are difficult and unique, it requires personalized service and creative solutions tailored every step of the way for each individual shipment.  Nothing in heavy hauling is basic.  Depending on what the item is, its dimensions and weight, your shipment may require a myriad of specialized professionals and equipment, including very particular tractor trailers.  Your shipment may require a flatbed, drop deck, stretch deck trailer, or even a quad axle double drop, and the matching loading and driving expertise.

Loading, Securing and Insuring

Professionals will be needed to ascertain how best to arrange for the loading of your item, whether it can travel over a ramp, or a crane is needed, as well as standard and specialized loading equipment, such as locking pins, stabilizers or outriggers to name a few. Skilled loaders and off-loaders will also be necessary to secure your item in compliance with the Department of Transportation’s regulations. You will want adequate coverage to meet your unique needs.


The dimensions and weight of your item will be subject to both federal and state regulations and could require permitting.  These regulations also delineate which roadways can handle the weight or provide necessary height and width clearance, and sometimes require civilian vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, or both. Some municipalities also have their own regulations.  Only specialists know how to quite literally navigate the legal requirements.  In addition, weather conditions have to be closely monitored. Wind, rain, ice and snow are all hazards that may require re-routing or to be placed in a “no-go” status which means a complete stop on your project that may incur fees, fines, and encounter curfews with these delays.

Heavy Haul Drivers

As noted above, drivers who specialize in oversize and overweight hauling are a particular class of behind-the-wheel professional. Not everyone who drives a trailer truck rig is cut out to be a heavy hauler. Because these drivers have specialized training and years of experience, they know the routes and legal requirements and are meticulous in ensuring their cargoes are properly loaded, balanced and secured. They all have a proven driving record that illustrates their level of vigilance and their skill at handling all road and weather conditions.

The Real DIY Questions Only You Can Answer

So the real question you should be asking yourself is can you afford to do this on your own? Do you really have the time and patience to learn the regulatory ropes, which are not limited to permitting? Do you have the no-kidding driving and organizational skills? A roadside inspection that goes awry because the item was not loaded and secured properly can result in the impounding of the truck, trailer, and the cargo, as well as steep fines and a blown delivery deadline.

Next Exit Logistics specializes in arranging freight services for unusual and impossible oversize or overweight shipments!  We save our customers time and frustration by managing the freight shipping process from beginning to end.

Our seasoned background as a freight management brokerage is backed by our safety and on time track records for organizing the movement of heavy haul freight quickly and efficiently. What’s more, we are certified to arrange the shipment of hazardous materials.

To learn more about our services, call Next Exit Logistics at 866-624-2661. You can also contact us via e-mail.

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