Air Freight Services

From Paddy Field to your Doorstep in 72 Hours

It still amazes many of us that food from distant parts of the world can arrive on our doorsteps tasting so fresh and vibrant. Thanks to the air freight service agencies across the globe, which specialize in transporting goods quickly and cost effectively worldwide, it’s now easier than ever to enjoy fruit grown in the Far East or tea from India, without compromising on the freshness of these products.

What can Air Freight Services Offer?

Most air freight services handle the entire process of delivery, including any documentation, insurance, customs, security of packages and of course protecting the quality and safety of any goods they deliver. Whilst using an air freight service can be expensive, the benefits often outweigh the added costs for many companies who require goods to be delivered in the freshest condition possible, to ensure that they receive the best price for them.

What are the Advantages of Using an Air Freight Service?

The main advantage is of course faster delivery times (most locations can be reached within 48 hours) and this ultimately means fresher produce and more profit for companies. In addition, insurance costs for companies utilizing air freight shipping are often cheaper than using sea or land transportation, due to the quicker transit times, and less packaging is also required, as transportation by air is generally smoother than by land or sea.

Fresh items such as fruit and vegetables from far-flung corners of the globe would never reach us in edible condition if it were not for air freight services – a delicious ripe banana or juicy mango would be a thing of the past!

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