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How Relocating to Trinity Groves Benefits All in Our Company

Next Exit Logistics is excited to announce that we have moved from Desoto, Texas to Dallas, Texas to allow our staff to be closer to their homes, and be centrally located for new employees and clients. We’re set up in a brand-new office to ensure a more spacious, welcoming, and innovative environment for our employees and customers alike.

Our previous location, in DeSoto, Texas, worked well for the last decade, but Next Exit Logistics excitedly pushes toward a bustling future in the Trinity Grove neighborhood in Dallas.

Why does location matter so much for a business such as ours? For a few reasons, actually.

  • Attracting Talent — Here at Next Exit Logistics, we want the best of the best working for us, and that means attracting and retaining talent typically only found near city center locations. One of our newest employees let us know that it was a big deciding factor when choosing to work with us.
  • Accessibility — For a business, accessibility means opening up new markets, customers, and resources, to effectively manage and boost the company overall.
  • Growth — A new location, near to the hustle and bustle of city life, offers up-and-coming companies like ours growth opportunities around a central hub.

About Trinity Groves

Of all the neighborhoods in Texas, why did we choose Dallas’ Trinity Groves? For a number of reasons, such as accessibility, and like we mentioned previously, an untapped market with plenty of potential.

We’d like to invite you along on this journey as we learn more about Trinity Groves, Dallas.

When picking a new destination for our office, our employees wanted to be in downtown Dallas, a city center with a lot of movement — a lot of opportunities — and not just to increase our sales. We wanted a chance to find new talent in the hard-working center of West Dallas.


Who doesn’t love good amenities near their workplace?

For starters, you can find Trinity Groves, Dallas, TX in West Dallas, just over the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. Here, you can find an abundance of restaurants, retail stores, artists, and entertainment destinations that employees will surely love. That’s not to mention the numerous breweries available for hard-working employees!

But that’s just outside, in the big city. Inside, within the office we have views of the skyline for all of our employees to enjoy, satellite music streaming, quiet rooms for a break, amazing common areas, standup desks, and enterprise level office equipment.

Things to Do in Trinity Groves

We briefly touched upon a number of excellent attractions in Trinity Groves, such as restaurants, retail stores, and breweries that attract employees in droves.

But what makes Trinity Groves in Dallas genuinely stand out from other neighborhoods? It has enjoyed continuous growth and development, and you can see it firsthand with the newer locations opening up. From family attractions to late-night grub stops after work, Trinity Groves proves itself exemplary through its local businesses and amenities.

Local Sites to See:

Trinity Groves is home to countless local sights, including the Continental Avenue Bridge, which once stood tall as a vehicle-only throughway and now features plants, water features, and playgrounds for children.

From atop the bridge, you can spot other notable features such as Trinity River and Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. There’s also the Trinity Overlook Park just a 5 minute walk from the office. To top off the scenic views, our own private, gated, & free employee parking spaces have a great view of the Dallas skyline.

Where to Eat:

Trinity Groves features countless eateries that enhance the nightlife experience, including Beto & Son, AvoEatery, Holy Crust, and Sum Dang Good Chinese. We’ve heard great things about a few other local restaurants in Trinity Groves, including Saint Rocco’s New York Italian, for late-night grub reminiscent of the big city up north, or Babb Bros BBQ for the “best BBQ in Dallas.”

Where to Shop:

Trinity Groves offers a few unique shopping centers, cake shops, and even its own chocolatier in the form of Kate Weiser, the Dallas bonbon queen. No matter the type of shopping you enjoy, Next Exit Logistics is now positioned perfectly to take advantage of each and every store during, and after work hours!

Final Thoughts

Next Exit Logistics is the premier specialized and flatbed freight broker and logistics operations service provider for businesses big and small, and guess what, we’re hiring right now.

On top of our brand-new office in Trinity Groves, complete with all of its unique amenities for employees, we offer an innovative working environment with a core mission and workplace values. Our core values are advanced communication, fun, accuracy, and solution driven.

If you feel you can keep up in a competitive workplace that values hard-work as much as it does fun, then Next Exit Logistics wants to speak with you. We have positions open and available in our new office in Trinity Grove, and you could fill a spot fast. Contact us today for more information!

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