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Texas’s historic winter storm in February of 2021 devastated the state more than any other snowstorm in recent record. With billions of dollars in economic damage and at least 210 estimated deaths, few were prepared for this catastrophic event. Supply chains and shipping were heavily impacted, but a few companies—like Next Exit Logistics—managed to continue operations in the course of one of the most devastating meteorological events in Texas history.

Continuing Operations During the 2021 Texas Winter Storm

While the February storm wasn’t the worst winter storm in Texas history—that dubious honor belongs to a storm from 1929—the 2021 winter storm did have a widespread impact that affected the entire state. Blackouts came alarmingly close to bringing Texas’s industry to a grinding halt, and many people were without electricity for several days. The total economic impact of the storm is estimated to be somewhere between $80 billion and $130 billion.

Heavy Hauling in the Cold

While most of the metropolitan areas in Texas stalled out, some of us were able to continue serving customers through the storm. Next Exit Logistics managed to carry on operations in spite of the difficulties imposed by the cold temperatures, ice, snow, and electrical blackouts. We specialize in the impossible, and as such, we were able to carry out an order to haul generators to Killeen, Texas during the harsh conditions.

Supporting Local Telephone Infrastructure

The five generators we hauled came out of Florida, and they’re the same generators we use for hurricane relief in other areas. A local telephone company with infrastructure in Killeen needed them to power up dial tones, which would allow residents and businesses in the area to gain access to fiber internet services and make emergency calls over landlines.

It took two semis driving carefully on the roads to deliver these generators, and a crane was needed to unload them onsite. The whole process was carried out successfully in spite of the roads being iced over from the storm.

Looking Forward

Fortunately, the storm didn’t last forever, allowing ice to clear from the roads and make them drivable once more. These events will likely stick in Texans’ memories for years to come, and it seems to have prompted many people to be better prepared should this happen again.

Being Ready for Disaster

When it comes to emergency preparedness, many of people’s preparations occur immediately before an event strikes. The 2021 Texas winter storm caught the entire state by surprise, which meant advance preparations wouldn’t have been possible. Making those preparations now is important to mitigating the effects of future catastrophes.

Enlisting Shipping Services for Disaster Preparedness

Often, these preparations require equipment to be moved around, especially when it comes to municipal and industrial disaster preparedness planning. Hauling bulky items like generators or other equipment requires in-depth familiarity with best practices to prevent tipping and damage to these heavy/oversized items. Choosing the right transportation equipment and routing is essential to a successful haul, so you’re best off choosing a logistics company that can manage complex shipping requirements.

Expedited Shipping

Of course, some disasters—like the Texas winter storm—can’t be anticipated. Last-minute shipping of important equipment is always stressful, so you need someone you can rely on if this should occur. Whether you’re moving generators to a site without power, clearing expensive equipment out of a place that’s at risk, or transporting important materials, reliability and punctuality are of paramount importance. As such, you’ll need to choose a company that has a great track record when it comes to expedited same-day or next-day shipping services.

How Next Exit Logistics Helps with Disaster Relief and Preparation

Of course, sometimes it’s too late to make adequate preparations to mitigate a disaster’s impact. The best you can do at that point is clean up the mess. Getting supplies and important equipment to areas affected by a disaster requires timely, safe, and fully compliant transportation services since lives are often at stake. Disaster relief logistics services from a certified freight broker are essential.

Familiarity with Legal Requirements

In these events, the regulations and permit requirements placed on shipments may be relaxed in order to expedite the transportation of essential equipment to disaster-stricken areas. Next Exit Logistics is familiar with all regulations pertaining to items such as construction equipment, generators, and other oversized items, and we often go beyond the requirements set in place by local, state, and federal laws.

Coordinated Efforts

These shipments must be carefully coordinated to make sure they’re handled as quickly and safely as possible. That requires a precise approach to managing the logistics involved in planning emergency shipments, which is where we happen to shine. Our logistics and distribution expertise enables us to get equipment to disaster areas in a safe and reliable manner.

Don’t Panic – Call Next Exit Logistics

Hopefully, Texas won’t have to endure another catastrophic winter storm anytime soon. However, in the event that another disaster strikes, you can rely on Next Exit Logistics to help you when you need it most. We satisfy all manner of heavy haul shipping needs, so contact us to take care of your next shipment.

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