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Electrifying News: Electric Trucks Are Here!

Ryder recently ordered 1,000 Chanje electric vehicles for FedEx. Frito-Lay announced they planned to buy 100 Tesla trucks, and Albertson’s said it will purchase 10 Tesla all-electric Semi tractors for its Southern California stores.

The Parking Problem, Part 2: Potential Solutions

The lack of truck parking has reached critical mass: 3 million American truckers now vie for 300,000 parking spots. As we noted in the previous “Parking Problem” post, several factors have combined to create the problem, which is big, growing every day, and expected to get worse as truck volumes increase.

The Parking Problem: It’s Bigger Than You Think

When does a lack of parking become a critical issue? When it costs money and time. When it becomes a safety issue. When it’s a matter of 300,000 parking spots for three million trucks.

A Hell of a Helicopter Move

As a specialist in heavy equipment transport, Next Exit has moved dozens of helicopters. That’s why a client who owns more than 30 helicopters contacted the logistics company when they needed a helicopter transported to Hawaii—and why Next Exit thought it would just be another move.

Mission Critical Delivery: Transporting Disaster Relief Supplies

“In 2018, there were 14 weather and climate disaster events with losses exceeding $1 billion each across the United States.”

There’s a Truck Shortage, Too?

The truck driver shortage is on everyone’s radar. It’s affecting everything from UPS package delivery to heavy equipment transport, and reports on the shortage have made headlines in the Wall Street Journal and provoked feature stories on NBS news. But there’s another shortage—one that’s still only recognized by transportation insiders and that’s already having a …

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Is the Driver Shortage Driving Up Costs?

The cost of shipping—from agricultural hauling to heavy equipment transport—is climbing. The only debate is exactly how much costs are rising. According to various sources:

Are Truck Ports the Future?

City traffic and congestion are nothing new. In 44 BC, Gaius Iulius Caesar issued the following edict: “After next January 1st, no one shall drive a wagon along the streets of Rome or along those streets in the suburbs where there is continuous housing after sunrise or before the tenth hour of the day.” That’s …

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Truck Maintenance Tips That Can Save You Money: Part 2

Commercial trucks move 70% of all freight transported annually in the U.S. — $671 billion worth of goods. Trucks transport vital goods like disaster relief supplies and military vehicles. They literally keep “keep America moving.” They’re clearly valuable tools with long-reaching effects.

Truck Maintenance Tips That Can Save You Money: Part 1

We all know that transportation costs are on the rise. Logistics and supply chain consulting firm PLG Consulting predicted trucking costs would rise 8-10% this year. The third annual Element Fleet Management Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Index (released this past April) reported an 88.0 score: a “marked increase” from the 2015 and 2016 scores …

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