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Top 2023 Trends in Logistics Software

Top 2023 Trends in Logistics Software

Advancements in technology continue to change how businesses operate, and it’s crucial for business owners to stay up to date with current trends. Certain trends have shown up in 2023, and businesses should take note of these to improve their operations. Logistics software is designed to help businesses manage orders, inventory, various warehouse operations, and […]

Why Use Logistics Outsourcing?

Managing every little detail of supply chain logistics for a company can be a huge undertaking. Issues and hiccups are bound to happen, but having an experienced team taking care of everything and getting things running smoothly again is a game-changer. That’s where third-party logistics companies come into play. Logistics outsourcing is when a company […]

How to Ship Heavy Equipment

Transporting heavy equipment may seem intimidating, but it’s something that most freight companies are going to have to tackle eventually. There is a way to do it, but for a lot of companies, learning exactly how to handle heavy equipment is difficult and stressful, especially if their shipment facilities and vehicles aren’t designed for such […]

What Is 3PL?


3PL, short for third party logistics and also referred to as a fulfillment center or a fulfillment warehouse, is an important service that helps companies with their logistic operations. Without such a service, many companies would find themselves struggling to take care of every issue they run into, especially as inventory management and product shipments […]

Drop Trailer Logistics: Everything You Need to Know

Water Turbine Transportation

What Is a Drop Trailer? In terms of trailer logistics, a “drop trailer” is a trailer truck that’s left, or “dropped”, at the shipper’s facility. It can then be unloaded or loaded by the receiver as needed, allowing the driver to leave and deliver more trailers. At a pre-arranged time, either the original driver or […]

Air Ride Suspension Trailers: What They Are And How We Can Help

Most trailers aren’t designed to carry fragile cargo. The use of leaf spring suspension is fine when you’re transporting regular goods, which can withstand some potentially rough terrain without needing extra padding or comfort. If you’re carrying something that might be a little more delicate, it’s time to step it up. This is when you […]

Heavy Equipment Hauling in Dallas, Texas and Beyond

heavy haul trucking

Heavy equipment such as large construction vehicles, agricultural equipment, and mining equipment present logistical challenges when it comes to transportation. Their size and weight mean specialized equipment and processes are needed to ensure they arrive at their destination safely. Heavy haul trucking is needed to make sure oversized equipment makes it to its destination safely. […]

Shipping in the 2021 Texas Winter Storm | Next Exit Logistics

Texas’s historic winter storm in February of 2021 devastated the state more than any other snowstorm in recent record. With billions of dollars in economic damage and at least 210 estimated deaths, few were prepared for this catastrophic event. Supply chains and shipping were heavily impacted, but a few companies—like Next Exit Logistics—managed to continue […]

How Relocating to Trinity Groves Benefits All in Our Company

Tractor Shipping

Next Exit Logistics is excited to announce that we have moved from Desoto, Texas to Dallas, Texas to allow our staff to be closer to their homes, and be centrally located for new employees and clients. We’re set up in a brand-new office to ensure a more spacious, welcoming, and innovative environment for our employees […]

Five steps for trucking companies to become more desirable to a shipper. Part 1

Being a shipper of choice means that carriers value your working with your business and actually prefer to engage in business activities with you. Once such a relationship is established, being a shipper of choice can prove to be beneficial to everyone who is involved. Not only can it create a friendly and efficient work […]

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