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Telephone Poles and Piles: 10 Fun Facts, Plus Serious Info About Pole Hauling

Telephone Poles and Piles

Utility poles are part of the American landscape, as common as trees. But as often as you’ve seen them, you may not have thought about them enough to learn that:

ELD Mandate Violations Have Teeth

Electronic Logging Devices

It’s no joke: Starting on April Fool’s Day (April 1, 2018), the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) started taking a bite out of commercial truckers driving without electronic logging devices (ELDs).

Future Fuels in the Pipeline

Future Fuels in the Pipeline

While the federal policy is boosting 20th-century fuel sources in 2018, serious capital and experienced talent are combining to form startups, working under the umbrella of established corporations or are being recruited by well-funded visionaries to not simply disrupt, but to supersede the diesel ecosystem.

Sticker Shock – What’s Going On With Truck Market Trends?

Truck Market Trends

The analysts’ predictions are in: a blend of supply chain components have set the conditions for truck transportation rates to continue upward right through the end of this decade, with 2018 possibly being another record year. Here at Next Exit Logistics, we excel at taking the pain out of truck shipping, but no one can […]

Who’s Covered for What – Your Freight Insurance Primer

Freight Insurance

Insuring your shipment is a no-brainer. What, however, does take a fair share of gray matter and a cup of your favorite caffeinated beverage is figuring out who’s covered for what, and what kind of policy you need for that abrupt surprise no one saw coming down the road.

Blockchain – What Is It? Why Should I Care?

Blockchain – What Is It?

Generating more than $20 billion in annual revenue from its some 750 locations across 44 states, Pilot Flying J was No. 15 on the Forbes list of top privately owned US companies. In October last year, this truck stop chain earned another distinction: being one of the most corrupt, according to charges filed in federal […]

The LTL, TL, PTL… The Load Options Puzzle


Professionals operating in any industry just love firing off acronyms and initialisms. The speed with which they shoot abbreviated jargon into conversations seems to confer an aura of knowledge, wisdom, and know-how. What this jargon can also do is confuse and even alienate the uninitiated, according to two of Purdue University’s psychological scientists Andrew Hales […]

2018 Transportation Trend Manifest

Transportation Trend Manifest

Predictions about the truck freight industry can often wind up as flattened debris under the variable forces that both drive and put the brakes on our business. Next Exit Logistics is in the business of planning and preparing for both the seen and the unforeseen, executing the shipping of what many would believe to be […]

Why Wouldn’t I Just Rent a Truck and Drive Myself?

Rent a Truck and Drive Myself

While ignorance may be bliss, in transporting oversized or overweight cargo, what you do not know can and will cost you more than you realize in time, dollars, frustration, and damage, and very possibly life and limb.  Transporting very large objects is like moving houses, just on a very big scale. Next Exit is an […]

Basic Questions for Your Shipment

Basic Questions for Your Shipment

The basics… Well, there is nothing remotely basic about heavy hauling an item that happens to be oversized or overweight.  Just as if you were planning a camping trip, there are a myriad of things to think about: weather, tent, tools, cooler, bungee cords, and campsite reservations.  Freight shipping, especially for the huge stuff, is […]

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