Heavy Haul Trucks

Heavy Haul Trucks – How Much Can They Handle?

If you need to transport heavy equipment quickly and safely, then your best bet is to hire the services of heavy equipment haulers, who can package your equipment safely and securely and deliver it to its destination.
But what types of equipment haulers are available and what weights can they handle? Here’s a rough guide:

Flatbed – this truck can handle weights of up to 40-48K and loads up to 53’ long and 8’6” wide.
Extendable (Stretch) Flat – this can handle weights of up to 44K and loads up to 75’ long and 8’6” wide
Stepdeck (Dropdeck) – the maximum legal weight is around 40-46K and loads up to 37’ long are acceptable
Lowboy – at the smaller end of the scale, this can handle loads up to 25’ long and 8’6” wide
The type of truck you need will depend on the equipment you are moving and its dimensions, but most heavy equipment haulers who know their stuff will use the correct size of truck for your delivery.

Flatbed Trucks

Flatbed trucks are ideal for heavy hauling due to their flat trailer ideal for loading and unloading bulky and oversized equipment. Articulated flatbed trucks and rigid flatbed trucks are the two commonly used types of flatbed, but they have their differences! With a rigid flatbed truck, the trailer is motionless and mounted on axles, ideal for carrying heavy construction equipment or supplies such as concrete bricks. Articulated trucks can be tilted when required for easy removal of goods – for example, trucks which are used to collect cars involved in a crash have a tilted bed to allow the car to be loaded on.

No matter what type of truck is used to transport your load, heavy equipment haulers have the knowledge and experience to deliver your cargo safely and on time.

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