Air Ride Suspension Trailers: What They Are And How We Can Help

Most trailers aren’t designed to carry fragile cargo. The use of leaf spring suspension is fine when you’re transporting regular goods, which can withstand some potentially rough terrain without needing extra padding or comfort. If you’re carrying something that might be a little more delicate, it’s time to step it up. This is when you want an air ride trailer to transport your more fragile goods smoothly and reliably.

What Is An Air Ride Trailer?

There are many differences between a regular leaf spring trailer and an air ride trailer. These differences will change everything from the price of the trailer to what sort of goods the trailer is most suited to transport. 

Air ride trailers use airbag technology to protect fragile goods when things get bumpy. Air is pumped into each bag with dual compressors, and the bags themselves are made out of a flexible yet durable combination of polyurethane and rubber. Because trailers can’t produce air on their own, the air ride trailer systems are self-contained. This means that it’s also possible to transform a common leaf spring suspension trailer into an air ride trailer. There are also various sub-types of air ride trailers, such as the air ride gooseneck trailer, depending on the type of trailer that was converted. 

What Does Air Ride Trailer Suspension Do?

A leaf spring suspension trailer handles bumps and vibrations by compressing them and releasing the energy into the rest of the trailer, including the cargo. This is why leaf spring trailers aren’t ideal for carrying very fragile items. Instead, air ride suspension means that each vibration gets absorbed by the airbags before spreading through the rest of the trailer. This shock absorption makes trailer air ride suspension a reliable way to transport items that may otherwise break under vibrations or bumps.

Air ride suspension technology has more benefits than simply protecting goods. It’s also a generally good investment for any trailer and freight company looking to preserve the lifespan of their trailers. Air ride trailers come with features such as a front lift axle, which both saves fuel on empty hauls and protects tires from being worn down. Meanwhile, the shock absorption can protect the trailer as well as the cargo, reducing wear and tear in order to keep your trailer in good condition. 

Turning a Leaf Spring Suspension Trailer into an Air Ride Trailer

If you’re interested in converting one of your regular spring trailers into an air ride suspension trailer, it’s not impossible. However, the equipment and process are best handled by a professional. Here are just a few of the things someone would need to convert something into an air ride trailer:

  • A cutting torch or a grinder
  • Four jacks and four jack stands
  • A combination wrench set, as well as an Allen wrench
  • A socket set
  • A hammer
  • Wheel chocks
  • A side cutter

Installing trailer air ride suspension into a regular trailer can be difficult and time-consuming, even if you have all the necessary equipment. This is why it’s best to either rent a pre-converted air ride trailer or to contact a professional to let them install the air ride trailer suspension. 

How Much Do Air Ride Trailers Cost?

Air ride suspension trailers certainly have their benefits, but that doesn’t mean they’re without disadvantages. The biggest downside to purchasing or installing trailer air ride suspension is the price: air ride trailers are a lot more expensive than normal leaf spring suspension trailers due to their more complicated installation process and usefulness. This is in addition to the extra maintenance the trailer will need, not because of wear and tear to the trailer itself, but because if the air supply is lost or broken, so are the airbags.

Ultimately, air ride suspension trailers can be a great option for any trailer company that doesn’t mind spending a little extra for better protection, though for companies that don’t transport a lot of fragile objects, it might not be a necessary investment to make. 

How Can We Help?

At Next Exit Logistics, we specialize in a variety of trailer logistics and freight shipping options, and you can rely on us to transport all of your cargo safely and reliably to your destination. We’re able to carry your strangest or most difficult shipments without issue, and we have a variety of trailer options for the job, so you can be sure that whatever you need to be shipped, we can do it in the best possible way. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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